Scarica paper e presentazioni

The Unique intervention with GRP Pipes DN 2700 - pn-6-1 km inside the concrete diversion tunnel in S. Valentino (ITALY)

Federica Fuselli, Sabatino Riccio (Rotech srl – Italy)

Next Environmental level for No Dig

Claes Wiger (A-Plast – Sweden)

Zero impact rehabilitation in Conegliano Veneto

Arnold Cekodhima (Danphix spa – Italy)
Raffaele Marciano (Piave Servizi S.p.A. – Italy)
Andreas Gross (Rädlinger primus line GmbH – Germany)

Trenchless technologies aware edge computing for pipes leakage detection

Fulvio Lo Valvo, Giuseppe Costantino Giaconia, Giacomo Baiamonte (University of Palermo – Italy)

Partial renovation of a connection sewer at Paradeplatz in Rendsburg

Lorenzo Vidus Rosin (Società del Gres Spa– Italy)

Design and operating guidelines for the trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pressure pipelines using lining with inserted hoses

Peter Lorenz (Rädlinger Primus Line GmbH – Germany)

Static calculation for the rehabilitation of drains and sewers according to DWA-A 143-2

Vladimir Lacmanovic (Ing Soft Gmbh – Germany)

Hose lining applications on large scale projects: the Sardinia case

Matteo Lusuardi (Benassi Srl – Italy)

UV-CIPP in large diameter pipes

Firmino Pires Barbosa (Relineeurope – Germany)

Rehabilitation of an offshore crude oil pipeline in Thailand

Arnold Cekodhima (Danphix spa – Italy)
Håvard Høydalsvik (Rädlinger primus line GmbH – Germany)

Trenchless solutions for small-diameter pipeline installations

Bruno Röker, Simon Herrenknecht (Herrenknecht AG – Germany)

Unguided and guided Auger boring Method - Digitalization for jacking control and data recording

Sebastian Schwarzer (Perforator GmbH – Germany)

Construction of a collector sewer in Rome, by microtunneling in geologically complex soils and in an urban context of particular environmental and archaeological value

Antonio Guerini, Enzo Rizzi (ICOP spa – Italy)

The separation of the mix sewer system in the Murcki district of Katowice

Lorenzo Vidus Rosin, Piotr Kosz (Società del Gres spa – Italy)

Innovative solution for mini-micro-trenching systems

Alessandro Corradini, Gianluca Cerni (University of Perugia - Italy)
Francesco Montalti, Daniel Bazzucchi, Antonio Bruno (New Font Spa – Italy)
Stefano Barbetti, Gabriele Franceschetti, Davide Barbetti (CVR Spa -Italy)

Glass-fibre UV-CIPP liners for no-dig pipe renovation and the Importance of the inner tubular film for the installation

Philipp Büning (SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH – Germany)
Firmino Pires Barbosa (Relineeurope – Germany)

Safety at work management during No-Dig technologies application

Adriano Bacchetta (European Interdisciplinary Applied Research Center for Safety – Italy)
Lucia Botti, Riccardo Melloni (Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale sulla Sicurezza e Prevenzione dei Rischi – Italy)

Increasing sewer inspection efficiency through AI: United Utilities Case Study

Nathan Muggeridge (Vapar Innovation Pty Ltd – Australia)
Katy Bevan (United Utilities – United Kingdom)

The Fully electric HDD job site

Renzo Chirulli (Vermeer EMEA – The Netherlands)

Horizontal directional drilling was used in the construction of the new Metropolitan line in Warsaw, Poland

Lorenzo Praticò, Vittorio Manassero, Paolo Foppiani, Giuseppe Sichel (Inrock International Ltd – United Kingdom)

ACQUE Spa laid 240 meters of ductile iron sewage pipes by using “Horizontal Directional Drilling”

Davide Fattorini (Ingegnerie Toscane Srl – Italy)
Gino Serafini (Pam Saint Gobain Italia Spa – Italy)

Intersects for HDD

Hans Blok (Brownline – The Netherlands)

Vincitori del “Premio Milco Anese alla Ricerca & Innovazione nello sviluppo del NO DIG”

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Company Category
EURSAFE Safety on working sites
Brownline Laying pipes by horizontal directional drilling
VERMEER Trenchless technology energy saving and environmental impact
DICA UNIPG - NEW F.O.N.T. - CVR Materials
United Utilities and VAPAR Preliminary investigations
I.CO.P. Spa Società Benefit Microtunnelling
Herrenknecht AG Microtunnelling
Rotech Srl Relining techniques
Raedlinger primus line GmbH Relining techniques